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WebAssign for Precalculus and Calculus

You may be familiar with using WebAssign for Calculus and Precalculus. But do you know everything WebAssign has available to support these courses, and when and how to use it? Learn how to maximize richly designed content types in WebAssign for your students, including recent enhancements and new problem types. To request more information, visit https://www.cengage.com/events/webassign/.

Training topics covered include:
1: WebAssign Problem Types for Calculus (1:53)
2: Explore It Interactive Learning Modules (9:04)
3: New Expanded and Proof Problems for Calculus (11:46)
4: Address Readiness Gaps with Just-in-Time and Quick Prep (19:19)
5: WebAssign Problem Types for Precalculus (24:12)
6: Math Readiness Boot Camps (35:44)

Robert Banik, Mississippi State University
Gary Whalen, Sr. Product Manager, Cengage