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Optimizing Your Course for Online Delivery with WebAssign

Whether or not you're teaching online, this training session provides practical tips and guidance on structuring your course to fully support your students in WebAssign. Get tips on creating an effective learning path, incorporating videos and resources at the right moment and using the flexibility of WebAssign to maximize independent student learning. To request more information, visit https://www.cengage.com/events/webassign/.

Training topics covered include:
1: Important Links and Resources (0:27)
2: Creating Workflow and Customizing a Learning Path (9:15)
3: Utilizing Course Packs (15:52)
4: Modular Design Overview (22:35)
5: Incorporating Videos and Resources (39:32)
6: Utilizing My Class Resources (48:36)

Presenter: Mike Lafreniere, Ohio University-Chillicothe