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WebAssign for Statistics

From Statistics in Practice videos to concept questions and labs, WebAssign for Statistics from Cengage offers a variety of engaging content designed to keep your students interested and motivated. In this training session you will also learn about SALT, the new data analysis tool, and how it will help students better understand how to interpret large data sets. To request more information, visit https://www.cengage.com/events/webassign/.

Training topics covered include:
1: Overview of WebAssign for Statistics and the Statistical Analysis and Learning Tool (SALT) (1:27)
2: Live Demo of WebAssign for Statistics and SALT (8:56)
3: SALT Review—Functionality, Question Selection Criteria and Process, Standalone Access Details (35:10)
4: How to Add SALT to Your Course (37:23)

Wendiann Sethi, Seton Hall University
Andy Trus, Product Manager, Cengage