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Dealing with the Learning Gap to Fuel Student Success

Students who are underprepared, or not yet self-sufficient learners, are now more challenged than ever in this new academic environment. Learn about techniques—including scaffolding assignments, incorporating prerequisite content and providing new boot camp courses—to fill the learning gap and help your students become confident, independent learners. To request more information, visit https://www.cengage.com/events/webassign/.

Training topics covered include:
1: Advanced Module Design (10:21)
2: Live Demo with Student Experience (13:54)
3: Identifying and Adding Scaffolded Questions to an Assignment (23:30)
4: Module-Based Course Set Up Review (35:10)
5: Loading Course Packs (39:25)
6: Questions and Best Practices (45:37)

Presenter: Willem Wallinga, Fisher College